My Name is
Dimitri Herlambang

I am a
Web Editor/Developer

My career began as a Web Administrator with Transcosmos Indonesia in December 2014. I experienced Japanese cultures: Punctuality, discipline, and strict work ethics. My jobs was mostly coding, but also translation projects.

Then in April 2017 I took Web Designer job in newspaper advertising division with Kompas Gramedia. As the youngest on the team and being one of the people who brings paradigm change, it was a challenge for me to brought digital culture to a print newspaper business.

4 years later in April 2021, I moved to Fast Retailing Indonesia, or better known as Uniqlo. I joined just as Uniqlo began to develop its E-Commerce.

Digital Marketing: Website

  • Interactive web page, campaign-purpose microsite development
  • Content strategy, SEO copywriting, SEO optimization
  • Email marketing
  • UI and UX Analysis

Technical Skills

  • Flowchart/wireframe drawing
  • Excel reporting, functions, ppt pitch deck design
  • HTML Email Creation
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe Photoshop

E-Commerce Specialist @ Fast Retailing Indonesia (Uniqlo)

(April 2021 - ongoing)

Uniqlo Indonesia opened its first store back in 2013, since then it is one of the prominent fashion retailing in Indonesia.

I joined in April 2021 and jumped in straight away to Uniqlo's E-Commerce development project to be launched at the end of July 2021.

My responsibilities:

  • Analyze Sales Report and Google Analytics, to decide which Uniqlo products to appeal more based from sales performance, availability status and monthly target.
  • Manages Uniqlo E-Commerce product categorization
  • Manages landing pages to feature Uniqlo's product collections like sports wear, jeans collection, and many more.

Web Designer @ Kompas Gramedia (Harian Kompas Newspaper)

4 Years (April 2017 - April 2021)

Harian Kompas is the most known newspaper in Indonesia, the digital disruption bought paradigm shift towards digital culture.

I joined in April 2017 to bear the mission to find a way to make profit from digital advertising, while also converting print contents into digital format, and to develop digital marketing products.

My responsibilities:

  • Maintains subdomains as digital assets for advertising division, weekly google analytics report
  • Develop client microsites
  • Develop interactive landing pages
  • Develop Google AMP tap story format
  • Create newsletters
  • Pioneer digital products: Newsletters, interactive landing pages, google AMP tap story, microsites

Web Administrator @ Transcosmos Indonesia

2 Years (December 2014 - January 2017)

A Japanese digital marketing and call center agency in Indonesia.

It was here that I began my career as a Web Developer, joined in just a day after I graduated from Bina Nusantara University.

I joined in December 2014 as a digital marketing agent, responsible for updating website contents from Japanese clients and local.

My responsibilities:

  • Involved in website content update and translation projects
  • Provide coaching for internship members
  • Maintains project knowledge database

My Notable Works
Advisual is story-driven landing pages enriched with unique visual presentation.
BUMA's company history manifests as microsite to share its success story.

Email Newsletter
I design newsletter for Kompas clients who need to promote their products.

Tap Story
I developed landing page using Google AMP tap story format.

ANA Website Translation
English-Indonesia translation project for ANA website.

I am a Gamer.

As someone whose job is just sitting for hours in front of computer, my life is not far from being a gamer. I also like cycling, and tennis.

In this pandemic, my gamer soul is at its best: I do not need to go out just to find any entertainment.

I also like writing articles on my blog while practicing SEO, some of my articles managed to reach rank 0 in Google search. And I also develop my own financial data and report to control my expenses while learning Excel.

Interested in hiring me?

So, if you need these kind of work:

  • UI Design: Minor, or major revamp of your website/apps, newsletter design
  • UX Design: Research, user interview, ergonomic study, UX writing
  • Web Development: coding, website setup, site speed analysis
  • Reporting: Excel, Google Analytic reporting
  • SEO: SEO copywriting, on-page and off-page optimization

Chat me, I will be glad to have a discussion with you! Or, you can take a look at my portfolio.

My Portfolio